Sensitive skin is everywhere. Nearly half the global population describes their skin as sensitive or very sensitive.

Still, finding the right treatment product can feel
like a maze of mirrors or even a dead-end street.

That’s because sensitive skin looks and feels different for everyone. Some people
experience mild, occasional flare-ups while others deal with constant redness and
discomfort. Causes vary, too. Sometimes sensitive skin is hereditary. Other times
it’s tied to stress, diet, cosmetic ingredients or pollution. Triggers can be tough to
pinpoint – and even tougher to avoid.

Fortunately for sensitive skin consumers and professional skin therapists,
breakthrough relief is here. Dermalogica’s powerfully soothing UltraCalming™ line
soothes sensitive skin’s most painful and embarrassing symptoms, from redness and dehydration to discomfort, burning and compromised barrier.

UltraCalming™ products don’t just comfort and soothe. They defend against future flare-ups by restoring the skin’s protective barrier. The NEW, soothing UltraCalming™ products are a great place to start.

For clients with sensitive skin, relief begins with Dermalogica’s UltraCalming™ line.